From Online to Retail

For the next two posts we are going to consider these questions:

Does having online placement help you gain retail shelf placement? Does having retail shelf placement help you get online placement?

Case Study: A flashlight manufacturer was at their first line review for retail placement at The Home Depot. The opportunity was for 6 [...]


Strategic Planning

Historically the first step in selling any new retail sales channel is to take some time to plan the process. Most manufacturers develop strategic plans for managing their retail and distribution channels. They explore how to expand their strategic accounts and then develop detailed plans to execute. They take into consideration brand reach, exposure and [...]


eTail Velocity . . . What is this about?

This is a new site dedicated to educating you about ecommerce in this rapidly changing environment. If you think ecommerce is just a passing fad, consider this:

Wal-Mart’s U.S. operations reported a 2010 decrease of (0.5%) in sales U.S. same store sales declined (0.2%) for the year

For Wal-Mart, their growth numbers are coming from [...]