Now that you are selling

Now that you have decided to sell online, you need to plan your distribution strategy and make a few key decisions. For example, will you Drop Ship for non-stocking etailers? Drop shipping means that you as the manufacturer will:

take an order from an etailer for product invoice the etailer package and ship the product [...]


Does Saturation Matter?

You bet it does. As you think about your online strategy take a look at the category you plan to enter. We start by:

Mapping out the number of competitors and number of total SKUs (items or stock keeping units) per competitor at a target site. For each of the major online retailer, preform the [...]


Learn from Reviews and Rankings

We encourage our clients to look at competitor’s reviews to gain a better understanding of consumer needs. Most unhappy consumers are not bashful (especially on the internet) about voicing their opinions of products. Learn from that so you don’t make the same mistake when launching your products.

Better yet, play up those features on your [...]


Some initial considerations

We get this question a lot. Selling online gives the manufacturer the opportunity to offer their entire product line. Some online retailers, like Amazon, are interested in the “long tail” and will only commit to carry products if you agree to sell them the entire line. Other traditional retail dot com sites, like, have [...]


From Retail to Online

Last week we looked at how online placement can help a manufacturer get retail placement. So is the reverse true as well? Does retail placement improve the opportunity for online placement? And if so do you really care about online placement?

For years research organizations such as Gartner Group have claimed that every $1 sold [...]