Text is the foundation of the Internet. It is the primary way that search engines (Google, Yahoo, . . ) index all the content on the internet. Getting the text right is about increasing your natural search placement. The higher a product page ranks in the results of a search, the greater the chance that [...]


Content is King

The next section of our blog is going to discuss the importance of content in selling your product. It is a key part of the “Getting Ready to Sell” phase. Basic selling online requires:

Consumer oriented descriptions Lifestyle images Keyword research grounded in SEO best practices

Great selling online requires:

Product videos & interactive widgets [...]


Data Pools

Last week we started the conversation about Electronic Data Interchange, EDI. EDI is most often used to help facilitate the order and invoicing process. However, the concept of electronic integration between the retailer and the manufacturer has extended to other forms of data pools. A data pool is a common point in the communication between [...]


EDI Strategy

In the “Getting Ready to Sell” section of our blog we covered Packaging, UPCs, and some basics on fulfillment strategies. What many companies have not considered is EDI or Electronic Data Interchange.

EDI is the structured exchange of data between the manufacturer and the retailer. It has traditionally been used extensively in the brick and [...]


Fulfillment by Amazon

Last week’s post was about fulfillment options and warehouse configurations. This week, because of the popularity and online focus, we’ll talk about a unique fulfillment option that some of you may not be aware of. It’s called Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA). The costs are shown on this link so you can take a look.

Amazon [...]