Getting Started With Content

Your ecommerce channel is a virtual store that tells a story about your company and the products you offer. The goal is to align your product’s brand with descriptions, keywords and bullets that build brand trust and tell your story with best practices in SEO.

Online the content is what makes a difference – from [...]


Writing Best Practices

Whether it’s a blog post or a product description, using insightful language with a clear message is the first step to delivering strong online content. Ecommerce demands a particular writing style, and that style is typified by simple, action oriented sentences with the end user in mind. In an earlier post on text, we discussed [...]


Selling Amazon, part 2

Last week we discussed some of the introductory ways that companies can sell on and to Amazon. This week we will be discussing the last two models:

Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) Amazon Direct

These models are often confused as something similar but they offer very distinct benefits to the seller.

Fulfilled by Amazon

Some of [...]


Selling Amazon

Most people don’t realize that there are at least 5 ways to sell products via Amazon. The next two articles outline these opportunities and discuss the different benefits. The article this week will start with some of the basic ways that products are sold on and through Amazon. Next week’s article will go into the [...]



Last week, President Obama may have nixed the controversial Stop Online Piracy Act, or SOPA, but it undoubtedly is not the last we will see of the bill. Created initially to stop large pirating websites such as from copyright infringement, SOPA was aimed to save the mainstream entertainment industry from a continuous loss of [...]