Soft POs

We thought it would be worthwhile to discuss different ways in which ecommerce customers place orders. In traditional buy sell relationships since the beginning of time, the customer places an order and the supplier fills the order by shipping it. Recently though, and to a large degree because of the growth of etailers as a [...]


Encourage Repeat Buying

In this series of articles we have been discussing the the traditional three key fundamental steps of the sales cycle for an online retailer:

Acquisition Conversion Retention

The last two articles coverd Acquisition, getting the customer to your offer page on a retail dot com site, and Conversion, getting the customers to buy. In this [...]


Creating Customers

In our last article we spoke about acquisition; getting the customer to your offer page on a retail dot com site. But the efforts of acquiring the consumers and getting them to your product page will prove wasteful if they never actually buy the product. In this article we discuss the processes of Conversion from [...]


Selling More than the Competition

There are many different ways to answer the question, “How do I ensure that my products sell more than my competitors at an online retailer’s site”? We have covered several different aspects of this in past articles about text, imagery, videos, how a manufacturer works with buyers . . .

This article is going to [...]