The Pros and Cons of Social Media

Businesses know that social media provides free, interactive communication between the company and its public, but with that comes the possibility of risk. One way to avoid some of this risk is to be as transparent as possible with your fans.

According to Social Media Explorer,

“Trust is the foundation of [...]


Creating a Successful Social Media Plan

Businesses like the idea of social media for a lot of reasons. It provides cost-effective marketing, meets people’s needs for building connections and creating interactions, all the while building brand loyalty—in real time. Why could it be that your current social media efforts are not going quite as planned?

The two most common reasons for [...]


Getting Started with Social Media

While businesses may have at least some form of a social media strategy in place for their company, many are unsure of where to begin, what they want to accomplish and if it will be worth their time.

It’s important to establish some concrete goals for yourself when starting to work [...]