Creating a Successful Social Media Plan

Businesses like the idea of social media for a lot of reasons. It provides cost-effective marketing, meets people’s needs for building connections and creating interactions, all the while building brand loyalty—in real time. Why could it be that your current social media efforts are not going quite as planned?

The two most common reasons for social media efforts failing are:

  1. Lack of structure
  2. Lack of commitment

Creating an organized plan will act as a checklist to keep you on track with your social media efforts- covering everything from daily upkeep and weekly tasks to big projects, contests and promotions.

  • Commitment: According to Social Media Examiner, “invest time, energy and resources into [your social media] no matter what. [It] will keep you committed and prepare you to be active and engaged even when you feel like your presence is stagnating.”
  • Determine Goals: Think about realistic goals you’d like to achieve, as well as the steps you’ll need to take in order to get there.  For example, would you like to increase traffic? See more engagement on your site? Determine how you will you go about accomplishing these goals.
  • Do you have an existing fan base?: Are people currently posting videos of your product on YouTube? Are they uploading pins of your product on Pinterest?  Find out if you’re already getting attention somewhere and take advantage of that.
  • Develop a Schedule: Decide how many times you’ll be posting and how often you will be replying to keep up a steady engagement. Everyone wants to create conversations—the important thing is that you find a timely way to always respond.
  • Create an Editorial Calendar:  This will sum up everything you’ll be doing for an entire month. Decide on what kind of content you’ll be posting, how often you’ll be posting it and if there will be a theme for this month.
  • Customization: So you have a nice following on a certain platform now? Mix things up a bit and get creative. Consider creating custom apps on your Facebook page or upload videos to YouTube. Play around with different ideas and see if your spontaneity works for your benefit.
  • Review: According to Social Media Today, after 90-days have passed, it’s important to take the time to evaluate your current results and statistics. “Were your goals met? Did you reach your intended audience?  What worked and what didn’t work?” Adjust what you’re doing to work with these results.

Does this sound like a lot to take in? Check out this clever “cheeseburger visual aid” developed by Social Media Explorer. We think it’s a great way to summarize all of the components that need to be in the details of your plan in order to achieve a successful social media strategy.

content-strategy-burger-600pAs always, we welcome your input and look forward to the conversation; click here to leave a comment. For an overview on the purpose of this blog, take a look at the initial post here.

This article was written by:
Bethany Richard, Sage Tree Trade Marketing Associate



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