Long gone are the days when the only market channel was traditional brick & mortar stores. Today’s savvy consumers rely on an increasingly complex blend of online and traditional resources to satisfy their retail purchase needs.  Are you ready to market and sell your products online?

This site is dedicated to helping consumer product manufacturers learn about the online eTail or ecommerce channel.  This channel is growing rapidly and between now and 2014 the online channel is expected to add more than $60B in sales according to research done by the Retail Net Group.  McKinsey has said that in 2011 the Internet will play a role in more than 45 percent of US retail sales, as either a research tool or a sales channel.

For manufacturers, deciding where to play online—and how to win—is critical.  The authors of this site, Robb Powell and Ian Haldimann are both principals at Sage Tree LLC.  They’ve spent the last several years focusing in the online eTail industry, helping manufacturers increase their online market share.