Flash Sites

One of the fastest growing phenomena in the online world are “Flash” sites. These deal sites are springing up for every category from electronics, to baby, sporting goods, home improvement . . . the options do not seem to be limited in any way. Like the variation in offers, the business models are all very [...]


2011 December Review

Web sales between Nov. 1 and Dec. 26 totaled $35.3 billion, up 15% compared with a similar period a year earlier according to data from research-firm comScore Inc. In comparison, the U.S. retail store sales grew 3.8% in the same time period. Web sales are still a smaller percentage of retail sales, but they are [...]


eTail Business Model

Let’s talk a little about the online etailer business model. Like any retailer, product margin is a primary revenue generator. However, we’re seeing some online retailers taking much lower margins than traditional brick and mortar retailers.

Case Study: This week an etailer bought one of our client’s products for $8.78 and retailed it for $9.00! [...]


eTail Velocity . . . What is this about?

This is a new site dedicated to educating you about ecommerce in this rapidly changing environment. If you think ecommerce is just a passing fad, consider this:

Wal-Mart’s U.S. operations reported a 2010 decrease of (0.5%) in sales U.S. same store sales declined (0.2%) for the year

For Wal-Mart, their growth numbers are coming from [...]