Encourage Repeat Buying

In this series of articles we have been discussing the the traditional three key fundamental steps of the sales cycle for an online retailer:

Acquisition Conversion Retention

The last two articles coverd Acquisition, getting the customer to your offer page on a retail dot com site, and Conversion, getting the customers to buy. In this [...]


Selling More than the Competition

There are many different ways to answer the question, “How do I ensure that my products sell more than my competitors at an online retailer’s site”? We have covered several different aspects of this in past articles about text, imagery, videos, how a manufacturer works with buyers . . .

This article is going to [...]


Selling Amazon, part 2

Last week we discussed some of the introductory ways that companies can sell on and to Amazon. This week we will be discussing the last two models:

Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) Amazon Direct

These models are often confused as something similar but they offer very distinct benefits to the seller.

Fulfilled by Amazon

Some of [...]


Selling Amazon

Most people don’t realize that there are at least 5 ways to sell products via Amazon. The next two articles outline these opportunities and discuss the different benefits. The article this week will start with some of the basic ways that products are sold on and through Amazon. Next week’s article will go into the [...]


Brand vs Sales Site

Around 2000 The Home Depot sent a letter to their vendors stating that if they were selling to consumers on the web then Home Depot might find it difficult to partner with them to sell their products in the Home Depot retail outlets. As you can imagine this caused many of the traditional hardware manufacturers [...]


Brand Sites

Brand sites are a key component of the online retail puzzle. Forrester Research believes that 70% of consumers come to a manufacturer’s site prior to making a purchase. They do this because many retail sales sites are confusing and don’t offer enough product details to help a consumer truly understand what the product offers. Consumers [...]



The Internet is the fastest growing retail channel, annual growth greater than 25% in some segments. Knowing where and how to exploit a company’s competitive advantage online is critical for success in today’s market place. Over the course of the last eight months we have posted 34 articles all focused on helping a consumer product [...]


Black Friday – Online

Online sales jumped 24.3% this Black Friday, according to data from International Business Machines Corp. data unit Coremetrics. This is significantly higher than the estimates previously highlighted by different prognosticators. Even with brick and mortar retail stores opening earlier, some on Thursday, online retail still had fantastic showings.

This is great news for online retail. [...]


Working Relationship

What makes a manufacturer good to work with? Certain manufacturers are great to work with and their business growth often reflects it. We thought that taking some time to share our thinking on the subject relative to ecommerce would be worthwhile.

As sales people and strategists in the online space, we have the good fortune [...]


Numbers – part 2

Last week we started the process of talking numbers, focusing on some of the metrics around selling. This week we’ll finish up on key metrics and get into reviews.

Shipping / Receiving metrics

Most online retailers want to order in small quantities, frequently; Amazon orders 2 or 3 times per week depending on the sales [...]